Showdown! Related Products vs. Product Recommendations

Recommendations Themes

Lots of Shopify themes include built-in Related Products functionality to help you with cross-selling. That's a good start, but it won't give you the same power as our recommendations on your product pages - and here's why.

Related Products Better Recommendations
Manual recommendations No Yes - you can set up manual recommendations to control what's shown on individual product pages
Recommendations based on sales No Yes - we use your store's purchase history to work out which products are most likely to be bought together
Products from the same collection Yes - Related Products shows an arbitrary set of products from the same collection Yes - if there isn't enough purchase history to calculate similar items we fall back to products from the same collection, with the most popular shown first
Recommendations for products that aren't in a collection No Yes - if there isn't enough purchase data to calculate similar items and this product doesn't have a collection, we show the most popular products bought on your store

So if you're a brand new store with no purchase history at all, and you don't set up any manual recommendations, we'd show the same thing that Related Products do on most products pages - that is, an arbitrary set of products from the same collection. As your sales build up, the recommendations get better and better, based on items that customers actually buy from your store.

Plus we support Cart Page recommendations out-of-the-box, Recently Viewed items and more!

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