Recommendation widgets

Better Recommendations includes different 'widgets' so that you can install different types of product recommendation in appropriate places on your store.

Product pages

Product page recommendations Suggests additional item your customer might be interested in

When you're looking at the page for a particular product, we'll show other items that people bought along with this one. This type of recommendation is often given a title such as "You might also like" or "People also bought".

Here's an example of Product Page recommendations in action. This store sells chocolate bars, and the recommendations show some additional bars that are commonly bought alongside this one. It's likely that people who enjoy this particular item will also like the recommended bars.

Cart page

Cross-selling based on the contents of the cart

Based on the contents of your cart, we'll show other items you might like. You could give this the heading "You might also like" or "Don't forget...".

Index page

Trending items for your home page

You can also manually add this widget to any other page where you want it to appear.

Recently viewed

Help your customer find items again

Show the customer the items they've looked at recently, so it's easy to navigate back. When this is used, it's typically made available across most if not all of the site (think Amazon here!)

Ajax cart widgets

As well as the standard cart page widget, we also support a widget for Ajax carts. On lots of stores, you can click on the cart to see what you have put in it without leaving the current page - that's an Ajax cart. It usually only occupies part of the screen, so we have a special widget for it so that you can style recommendations styled differently here.

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