Blog Recommendations

Include recommendations in blog posts

Here's how to add product recommendations or recently viewed items to your Shopify blog posts

Themes Templates Developers

How can I omit recommendations for certain products?

Here's how to edit your theme to omit recommendations on the product page for specified products.


Custom CSS for multiple widgets on the same page

If you want more than one widget on the same page, and you want them to have different layouts, here's how


Centering a widget heading

A simple piece of CSS to center the heading for a recommendation widget

Themes Templates Recommendations

Exclude items from recommendations

Here's how to omit certain items so they never appear as recommendations

CSS Templates

Ajax cart recommendations in the Supply theme

If you use the Supply theme on your Shopify store, these instructions will help you get recommendations showing on the Ajax cart


Coping with different image sizes

These instructions will help you get product images, titles and prices lining up nicely


Hiding prices

If you don't want prices displayed in your recommendations, here's the line of Custom CSS you need.